Afghan Hound

Ease of Training
Guard Dog


  • He was discovered in Afghanistan in the 19th century
  • He was brought to England in the later part of the 19th century
  • Little is known about him prior to the 19th century
  • It's speculated that he came from ancient Egypt or from Asia
  • He made his appearance in the United States in 1926
  • He was primarily used as a coursing hound (a dog that pursues game using sight rather than scent)
  • The game he hunted included hare, jackals, marmots, snow leopards and wolves

Personality and Behavior

  • He carries himself with dignity
  • He's independent natured so don't be surprised if he ignores your commands
  • He has a reputation of being aloof
  • He's a strong, powerful dog, very agile and fast on his feet, and has lots of stamina
  • When he plays he is merry and clowns around
  • He loves to chase other animals; his prey instinct is high and he will pursue just about any critter that runs by him


  • He's one of the most difficult breeds to train. You will need lots of patience as he is one of the slowest to learn obedience commands.


  • He sheds quite a bit of hair. You'll find some hair stuck to your clothes, couch and carpets.

Grooming / Maintenance

  • His long coat needs to be brushed two or three times a week to keep it free of mats and tangles.

Other varieties

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