Ease of Training
Guard Dog


  • His exact origin is unknown
  • It's believed he came from pack hounds from England that existed before the time of the Romans
  • In the 1860's dog's from England were imported and were mixed with the Beagles of the time, to develop the Beagle we know today
  • He is a scent hound and was used for hunting rabbits and hares

Personality and Behavior

  • He's even-tempered, friendly and gentle
  • He has a merry and amiable personality; he's not aggressive
  • He has lots of stamina
  • He doesn't drool of have a doggy odor
  • He is usually a little reserved with strangers but warms up to them fast!
  • He makes a good watchdog and will sound the warning alarm
  • He gets easily excited
  • He may ignore your orders because he is naturally independent and single minded
  • He's easily distracted by smells and won't listen to your calls to come back if finds an interesting scent to follow
  • He's excellent with kids
  • He's friendly with other dogs


  • He's one of the most difficult breeds to train. You will need lots of patience as he is one of the slowest to learn obedience commands.


  • He sheds quite a bit of hair. You'll find some hair stuck to your clothes, couch and carpets.

Grooming / Maintenance

  • His short coat only needs to be brushed occasionally. However, because it sheds you may find yourself brushing it once a week, or more, to minimize the hair in your home (what you remove with a brush doesn't end up on the couch!).

Other varieties

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