Ease of Training
Guard Dog


  • His exact origins are mysterious
  • Some believe he was bred in the Mediterranean before the Christian era
  • He was developed in Central Europe, and then later in the United States, as a scent trailing hunting dog
  • He excels at tracking human beings and has been used in law enforcement since the early 1800s to track escaped prisoners

Personality and Behavior

  • His ability to find and follow a scent is unmatched
  • He's gentle and has a reliable, even temper
  • He's affectionate with his loved ones
  • He has a "what's-in-it-for-me" attitude which makes getting him to do what you want difficult at times
  • His powerful nose takes over when it catches wind of an interesting smell and he will seek the source of the smell and ignore everything else around him � including your calls for him to come back
  • He slobbers and drools
  • He can be quite noising barking and baying


  • He's one of the most difficult breeds to train. You will need lots of patience as he is one of the slowest to learn obedience commands.


  • He sheds quite a bit of hair. You'll find some hair stuck to your clothes, couch and carpets.

Grooming / Maintenance

  • His short coat only needs to be brushed occasionally. However, because it sheds profusely you may find yourself brushing it a couple of times a week, or even daily, to reduce the hair in your home (what you remove with a brush doesn't end up on the couch!).

Other varieties

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