Bouvier des Flandres

Ease of Training
Guard Dog


  • He originated in Southwest Flanders and on the French northern plain
  • He was bred by farmers to drive cattle, herd sheep, and pull carts
  • He's also been used as a police dog and security dog

Personality and Behavior

  • He's fearless and daring
  • He can be aggressive towards other dogs
  • He's loyal and protective of his property and all who live on it; he prefers to stay on premises and guard rather than to wander about
  • He makes a good watch and guard dog
  • He's independent natured
  • He's cautious around strangers


  • He's easy to train because he learns commands at an above average rate.


  • He sheds virtually no hair. You'll be hard-pressed to find a hair in your home! (Good for clean-freaks.)

Grooming / Maintenance

  • Option 1: Clip his coat short every few months and then it only needs to be brushed occasionally.
  • Option 2: Clip and scissors his coat into shape every 6 weeks and brush it once a week.

Other varieties

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  • Bouvier des Flandres
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