Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Ease of Training
Guard Dog


  • He originated in the British Isles and is one of the oldest herding breeds
  • He's existed for 3000 years
  • He comes from the same line of dogs as the Dachshund
  • He was used to nip at the heels of cattle to guide them and his low height meant the kicks of the cattle would fly over his head

Personality and Behavior

  • He's very intelligent
  • He bonds closely with his master
  • He has a lot of stamina
  • He's wary of strangers and takes while to warm up to them
  • He's loyal to his family and shows his affection with hugs and kisses
  • The herding instinct runs in his blood and he may try to herd people, especially children, by nipping at their heels


  • He's very easy to train. He learns commands very quickly.


  • He sheds profusely! You will find a lot of hair in your home - stuck to your couch, carpets and clothes - and to just about everything else. You will be vacuuming regularly.

Grooming / Maintenance

  • His short coat only needs to be brushed occasionally. However, because it sheds profusely you may find yourself brushing it a couple of times a week, or even daily, to reduce the hair in your home (what you remove with a brush doesn't end up on the couch!).

Other varieties

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi


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  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi