Finnish Spitz

Ease of Training
Guard Dog


  • He's the national dog of Finland
  • His history goes back several thousand years when he was bred as a hunting dog
  • He was used for hunting birds and small game and would bark and point in their direction
  • He came to the United States in 1959

Personality and Behavior

  • He is initially reserved with strangers
  • He gets along well with children
  • He's an active dog
  • He's quick on his feet
  • He can be aggressive with other dogs and animals
  • He's quick to bark at anything that gets his attention which makes him a good watchdog


  • He's fairly easy to train. He learns commands at an average rate.


  • He sheds profusely! You will find a lot of hair in your home - stuck to your couch, carpets and clothes - and to just about everything else. You will be vacuuming regularly.

Grooming / Maintenance

  • His medium-length coat only needs to be brushed occasionally. However, because it sheds profusely you may find yourself brushing it a couple of times a week, or even daily, to reduce the hair in your home (what you remove with a brush doesn't end up on the couch!).

Other varieties

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  • Finnish Spitz

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